How to Avoid Sending Creepy Sales Emails

Sending sales emails is an important part of every marketing and advertising campaign. With the increased use of the internet, people like to receive these emails on their laptops, tablets and Smartphone as well. But the people who are sending these emails should stay cautious about some mistakes which they can commit. They may commit it unknowingly. So, it’s always better to stay alert about such things that can make your sales email a creepy one for the recipients. This is all about help and not about hype!

Avoid using graphics:

Sometime, marketers may like to add the logo of their company with the signature line while sending the sales emails. Well, this is a kind of graphic that you are exactly going to add for such emails. So, here you need to keep in mind that there are spam filters now been used to block those emails with the graphics. This will happen automatically and your target audiences will not receive such emails. When you are sending emails with graphics, think again! Sometime these emails are delivered to the recipients but due to the use to heavy graphics this can look like garbage. It will make hard things for the reader to go through the actual message. So, watch out for this and get more information about this!

Too much of writing:

You need to keep the sales email simple and to the point. This will make things easier for the readers to get the actual objective behind the email and they can even react to it instantly. Keeping it short, concise, perfect, error free and to the point can really help in driving readers’ attention instantly.

Avoid sending the same email frequently to one person:

This is a big mistake that you can commit while thinking that the targeted person might not have received your email the last time. And due to this you may send the same email again and again to him. By doing so, you will only earn a Junk Map like status and nothing else.

Digital Marketing Mediums:

There’re many marketing mediums that are used under digital marketing and recent trends are used in 3 types of media and they’re paid, owned and earned.

  •   Digital marketing is the direct marketing that will reach-out to people and make aware of your services
    and products that are all offered.
  •   Digital marketing not just optimizes your web site but as well helps to initiate the campaign online
    to grab attention of your visitors on your web page.


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