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Email Appending Services

The right choice for accelerating email campaign effectiveness

We know it’s hard to reach your targeted customers and prospects who want to hear from you via email, and you would love to keep them informing with the latest news about your products and services. Well, Narwhal Data Partners can help you reaching your prospects by adding as many business email addresses as possible by using our Email Appending Service.

Our Email Appending Service adds missing or inaccurate business email address to your current records and helps you to connect with your prospects more efficiently and ensuring your emails reach the right contacts at right time


How Email Append Services will Benefit your Business

  •   Improve campaign response and ROI by avoiding email bounces
  •   Accelerate campaign leads for sales and conversions
  •   Nurture leads through repeated and solicited communications
  •   Connect with new prospects to grow audience base

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